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BWA Yachting logo.

We understand the increasing demands of managing a modern superyacht, so we offer a vast range of global yacht agency services that cover just about every requirement that may occur while cruising the world. From provisioning, immigration or visa arrangements, to bunkering or restaurant reservations, you choose the level of involvement you require. And to keep things simple, we will supply one dedicated point of contact for everything.

Where our yacht agency office network provides expertise locally, clients also benefit from our custom-made centralised ERP system providing transparent and easy to understand statements.

Our yacht agency services are grouped into seven families
The logo for Maritime Agency + Port Operations. The BWA Yachting is atop a traditional port anchor.
Services that relate to the movement of your yacht, the traditional yacht agency services, through to port operations, such as immigration, customs, etc.
The logo for Provisioning + Supplies. The BWA Yachting logo is found in green with a sprout atop it, mimicing an onion. To its right is a set of circles mimicing a carrot shape.
As it implies, these are the services that relate to the smooth day to day running of your yacht. Our teams are often former captains and crew members who use their experience onboard to serve our clients as best as possible, for provisions for example, we’re often one step ahead. We don’t have to find it, we know where to get it.
The logo for Logistics Solutions. A sac-trolley is handling the target-like logo of BWA Yachting.
Freight handling, postbox and courier services, spares, or vital documents, if something needs transporting to or from the back of a yacht, we have it covered.
The logo for Concierge + Events. A purple beacon-like graphic with a radar on top.
VIP events, arrangements of special events on board, hotel services such as interior, on-board entertainment, restaurant reservations, concierge services, etc.
BWA Technical Services Logo
From shipyard and crane services through to carpentry and upholstery works we have the technical expertise to best support your every need.
The logo for ERP + Financial, two yellow rectangles with circles in each corner and a target-like design in the centre of one.
Banking, wire transfers, all transactions are made simple by central invoice management, whilst maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality.
Inter Country Assistance Logo
Whether you are planning a complicated, multi-country itinerary or simply a single port call our global office network provides you with unique and seamless assistance, wherever you are cruising.
BWA Yachting logo.
Other services recommended by BWA Yachting
Birds Eye view of a rock formation going the sea.
Designers and engineers of off-grid superyacht expeditions.
Fiscal representation services tailored to yachting.
Sail GP calendar, colourcoded.

*Schedule subject to change/Challenger Selection Series race format and exact dates yet to be published.

A full map of the 37th America's Cup - Event Layout.