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In the maritime industry where tradition meets innovation, the story of BWA Yachting emerges as a testament to a rich heritage and enduring partnerships. Established in 2003, BWA Yachting found its roots in the vision of two stalwarts of the yachting industry: the esteemed Luise Group and the renowned A1 Yachting.

The journey of the Luise family in yachting traces back to 1847, marking a legacy of leadership and excellence that has withstood the test of time. With a profound understanding of the sea and an unwavering commitment to quality service, the Luise Group has etched its name as a cornerstone of the maritime world.

In the contemporary landscape, the union of the Luise Group and A1 Yachting as founding partners of BWA Yachting signifies a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Their shared values and collective expertise continue to shape BWA Yachting, propelling it towards new horizons while staying rooted in the principles that have defined its inception.

Today, as associate partners of BWA Yachting, the Luise Group and A1 Yachting stand as pillars of support, guiding the foundation towards continued growth and success. Their enduring commitment to excellence ensures that BWA Yachting remains at the forefront of the yachting industry, offering unparalleled services and experiences to its customers worldwide.

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BWA Yachting's Corporate Team is responsible for strategic planning, financial management, and ensuring legal compliance and ethical standards across the organisation. They also oversee key functions such as mergers and acquisitions, HR, corporate communications, technology innovation, sustainability efforts, and stakeholder management to drive overall business success and growth.

Our local teams of professionals offer a range of services to superyachts, ensuring smooth operations and logistics during their time in port or while cruising. Leveraging their local knowledge, contacts, and expertise in navigating the complexities of yacht operations and logistics, they become invaluable partners for yacht owners, captains, and crew members alike.


To you

At BWA Yachting there is not much that we take more seriously than looking after our customers; we have a never ending quest to exceed the expectations of captains, crew and industry stakeholders. Our dedicated Customer Care and Total Quality Assurance department ensures that our customers receive top-notch service. With expert local knowledge in each port, our yacht agency offices offer smart, reliable and transparent solutions to superyachts. We customize each client’s approach and take care of their entire trip, from pre-arrival to departure formalities, leveraging our global presence for enhanced insight and capabilities.

To others

The management team, shareholders, and employees of BWA Yachting share a collective dedication to championing philanthropic endeavors within the communities where the company operates. Their commitment extends to various forms of support, be it sponsoring local sports teams, contributing to non-profit organizations, or engaging in community initiatives. BWA Yachting actively seeks innovative avenues to continually contribute to and uplift the well-being of the communities it serves.


Customer Care

Listening to customers, being at the side of captains and crew understanding their point of view, their requirements and suggestions, absorbing their feedback and putting into practice elements for improving the service is the main objective of the department.
We’re pleased to say we have very few complaints, but should they arise, this team is on hand to smooth things out quickly and directly.
The customer care culture in the company will be developed further and new initiatives will be launched to provide a better overall service.

Total Quality Assurance

The department will also identify and communicate best practice amongst our agencies globally, to ensure that services adhere to the highest quality standards.  Streamlining HQ and local processes will help us to achieve global unification, optimisation and service continuity, while increasing the communication and cooperation within our organisation.


BWA Yachting are a proud member of the following organisations:


The management team of BWA Yachting, the company’s shareholders and its employees are all committed to supporting philanthropic initiatives in the local communities in which we operate. Whether it is the sponsorship of a local sporting team, not-for-profit organisation, community initiative or marine ecosystem protection, BWA Yachting are continually looking for new ways to champion our communities and is proud to support the following organisations:

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A full map of the 37th America's Cup - Event Layout.