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Preparing for a cross Atlantic-cruise

Some captains and owners are currently considering winter storage solutions for yachts, ready to go cross-Atlantic when the weather improves. This can lead to additional logistical issues such as travel and rest arrangements for the crew, sourcing spare parts and provisions ready for the planned cruise and how to tackle the paperwork for your future destinations.

There is one easy solution for all of these issues – and more. Hand it all over to BWA Yachting, so you can unwind in preparation for the winter too. Meanwhile, we are fully operational throughout the Mediterranean, all year-round and 24 hours a day.

Pandemic protocols – what’s waiting on the other side?

In the winter months or early 2021, are you going to be sailing into uncertainty, especially about COVID-19 restrictions? Do not run the last second checks and measures with scant information about the latest pandemic protocols and rules at your destinations.
 We have a network of professional shore assistants ‘on the ground’ in Florida, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and the rest of the Caribbean who can answer questions about specific COVID situations and how they impact on cruise plans.

BWA Yachting also offers shore assistance that is fully COVID aware – whatever the location’s demands – and shore support to give you confidence and peace of mind. Our teams are trained in the latest infection control measures, and scrupulous in their sanitation management.

For all your winter season shore support, a professional yacht service for your cross-Atlantic voyage or help with Coronavirus cruise protocols, simply give us a call or email us at

Sail GP calendar, colourcoded.

*Schedule subject to change/Challenger Selection Series race format and exact dates yet to be published.

A full map of the 37th America's Cup - Event Layout.