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When in Spain! BWA Yachting provisioning service on mainland Spain and the Balearics

The people of Spain love their food. In fact, the typical Spaniard probably eats more food in a day than most people in the United States. Traditionally, as a respite from the baking sun, the entire country would close up shop to enjoy lunch for three hours in the afternoon. However, taking a leaf out of their book also makes for a great charter experience. They take their time eating, spread their meals throughout the day, and use the time between for work, exercise or fun. Or in our case enjoying the watery surroundings.

On-board during the day, of course guests will want to eat al-fresco, and why not, immerse them in Spanish cuisine, perfect for this type of dining. Locally sourced seafood or vegetables in soup, fresh fish and green salads and since Spaniards love eggs and dairy foods, many traditional desserts are made from fresh milk or cream.

Tapas are simply a way of life in Spain and they’ve gained popularity all around the world, mostly because they are just so delicious. Though considered Spain’s version of appetizers, they’re ideal aft deck yacht fayre at lunchtime, or indeed anytime.

Our provisioning service on all along the coast of mainland Spain and the Balearics is ideally placed to get chefs all the indispensable ingredients that a Spanish table requires, from the freshest fish and seafood to the finest Iberico ham and chicken. You’ll also be needing olive oil, and lots of it, paprika, saffron, garlic, fresh herbs and without doubt a variety of olives.

Don’t forget the espresso, Spaniards are night owls, after dinner be ready to continue socialising in neighbourhood cafés and tavernas or go on to a nightclub. …when in Spain.

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