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In what must be one of the friendliest of acquisitions this century, BWA Yachting and A1 Group have recently signed a memorandum of understanding for the A1 yacht agency, its technical and provisioning networks throughout Greece to integrate them under the BWA Yachting banner by year-end. Together they will strengthen each other creating a world-beating dynamic.

With efficiency and evolution at the forefront of the business, this next step in the integration of A1 agency with BWA Yachting was all but inevitable. And why now? Confidence is high, the BWA Yachting management team set ambitious targets during the 2019 season, culminating in a record year and even with the restrictions Covid-19 presented, strengthened the business confirming the position as market leader in their segment for 2020.

And why for the A1 Group? For some time, A1 Group has been increasingly involved in some new and very exciting projects, mainly concerned with infrastructure in Greece. With the ever-increasing demands of these new ventures as well as the other services A1 offers, it was necessary to change the direction of the company to ensure that all departments were able to continue to flourish.


Although everything is changing, much will remain stable and essentially the same. You, our clients, will continue to be the focus of all our efforts. Bringing you the best of yachting continues to be our aspiration and our inspiration. Our offices will continue to offer the same or even better quality of support and we all, in both BWA Yachting and A1 Group, look forward to a continuing relationship with our clients that we are proud to recognize as the finest yachts and crews in the world.

The 2021 season will be an interim season. 2022 will see a fully integrated Greek presence in the BWA Yachting panoply. During this year, all services will be offered as usual with improvements being scheduled as always. The A1 Group will continue to thrive and will work with BWA Yachting to ensure that both singly and together they continue to offer ever-improving services to their clients.

BWA Yachting CEO Paschalis Patsiokas is excited about the future, but also very proud of achievements so far, “Time will be our judge, for while some countries are drawing their borders in, we are attempting to broaden our horizons, improve our service to our clients and make international yachting a more logical operation with smoother transition of yachts from country to country. By bringing the beautiful cruising grounds of Greece under our BWA Yachting banner we can further this ambition, integrating our services will benefit our customers and our supply chain and is key to our development in the future. This next step hasn’t been taken lightly, but has been made possible by involving the passionate, integrated team with the common goal of exceeding the expectations of our clients and customers, something that I am very proud of.”


BWA Yachting and the A1 Group have long enjoyed the best of relationships, working together as affiliates and sharing knowledge between the two, so natural progression has almost dictated the move. Indeed BWA Yachting may not have existed at all, had it not been for then A1 Yacht Trade Consortium being one of the co-founders and major shareholders along with the Italian Luise Group. As A1 Group’s Makis Pavlatos remarks, “Having created what was at the time, a first-of-its-kind agency in Greece but always looking for ways to service our customers cruising further afield, the concept of BWA Yachting was a vehicle to grow the agency more internationally. It is very gratifying today to see BWA and A1 combine in this way, bringing things a full circle.”

Ultimately you, our clients are the central focus, so planning is underway for 2022. As BWA Yachting Greece, a staggering 50 or so more office locations will be seamlessly integrated into the BWA Yachting Mediterranean offer. Adding this wonderful cruising ground gives you an even wider choice of destinations in which BWA Yachting can assist you.

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*Schedule subject to change/Challenger Selection Series race format and exact dates yet to be published.

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