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Marine Agency Services
Berth Reservations
Itinerary Planning
Yacht Clearances/Formalities
Technical Services and Support
Cruising, Customs and Immigration Procedures
Travel and Transportation
Tourism Arrangements
Exclusive Excursions
Hotel and Restaurant Reservations
Helicopter and Jet Rental
Fresh Provisions/Supplies
Courier Service
Freight Handling
Banking Transactions
VIP Concierge Services
On-board Entertainment
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If you are interested in joining the BWA team please send a detailed CV in English via e-mail to: hr@bwayachting.com or complete form and upload a CV.
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BWA Yachting Lugano - Corporate Management
Via Serafino Balestra 27 - Lugano 6900 CH - Switzerland
Tel: +41 91 913 3240 - Fax: +41 91 913 3249
Email: info@bwayachting.com
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