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Untamed natural beauty, worlds away from the high-octane glamour and cultivated sophistication of the Mediterranean, Scandinavia is not only a showcase of wild nature, but also home to some of the world’s most famous and inventive restaurants and stunning architecture. What Northern Europe may lack in temperature, it makes up for with history, culture and huge landscapes of unspoiled beauty. Sitting at anchor in a secluded Norwegian fjord with the near-midnight sun casting long shadows onto the imposing cliffs might be highly addictive.

Yachting facilities are great throughout Denmark and Norway and there are either marinas or fishing harbours with mooring facilities for yachts conveniently situated within a short distance of each other.


Let’s have a closer look at some hotspots:


DENMARK | Copenhagen
• Copenhagen mixes royal history, modern architecture and loads of culture with sustainable living
• Very good airport connections and a great starting point for further exploration of Scandinavia and the Baltic
• Good and central pier facilities
• Good bunker possibilities
• World class restaurant scene and a vibrant nightlife
• Exclusive shopping, including the Danish designer delights
• Easy access
• No pilot requirements
• Ideal for crew change

DENMARK | Skagen
• Northernmost destination!
• Skagen features a rich art heritage, fresh seafood and photogenic neighbourhoods
• Known for the unique nature and ‘Grenen’ where the North Sea and Baltic sea meets, encountering lively waves
• Good bunker facilities
• A good opportunity to explore the unique nature down the west coast
• Great and central pier facilities
• Good destination coming from or going to Norway
• Easy access
• No pilot requirements

DENMARK | Bornholm
• Known as the cute little Baltic Island of culinary wonders and laid-back island living
• The islands is very idyllic and provides fantastic and unique nature together with exciting culture and history
• Good berthing facilities in the big city Roenne, along with many idyllic anchorage spots around the island
• Perfect stop on the Baltic Itinerary
• Good airport connections to Copenhagen
• Good restaurant scene
• Very ideal for biking and other outdoor activities
• Easy access
• No pilot requirements

NORWAY | Oslo (Eastern Norway)
• Located at the head of the beautiful Oslo Fjord
• A cultural harbour city packed with luxurious shopping opportunities, many different museums and art galleries
• A good restaurant scene with a vibrant nightlife
• Ideal for crew change
• Great airport connections and a great starting point for exploring the southern and western Norway or a drop-off location after a Baltic cruise
• Good bunker possibilities
• Easy access
• Pilot requirements for yachts above 70m.


NORWAY | Bergen (Western Norway)
• Second-largest city in Norway
• Offering world class museums, art galleries and boutiques
• Beautiful setting between 7 mountains
• Their famous old Wharf ‘Bryggen’ is a UNESCO World heritage site
• Good airport connections
• Good bunker possibilities
• Ideal for crew change
• The getaway to the Fjords. Bergen is located in between two of Norway’s most famous fjords, The Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord. Both includes several smaller side arms and are home to some of the wildest and most beautiful scenery with a wide array of attractions
• Easy access
• Pilot requirements for yachts above 70m

Northern lights at night against the backdrop of beautiful mountains by the ocean at a time of winter in Norway in the Lofoten Islands

NORWAY | Tromsø (Northern Norway)
• Vibrant small metropolis with a rich cultural life surrounded by stunning fjords
• Good airport connections
• Located above the Arctic circle, from where you can experience the Midnight Sun (end of May – end of July), where the sun never sets and thereby gives you 24 hours daylight, or watch the Northern Lights from September to April.
• Perfect starting point for exploring the popular Lofoten Archipelago which is home to some of the most extraordinary and dramatic landscape on earth, the neighbouring Vesteraalen Archipelago, considered a hidden gem and known as the kingdom of whales, as well as the fairytale and more private Island of Senja
• Good bunker possibilities
• Good pier facilities



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Taking place in some of the world’s most iconic city waterfronts, SailGP is an international sailing competition where athletes from rival nations race head-to-head on the newly redefined F50 wing sailed catamarans, flying above the water on wave-piercing hydrofoils at speeds of over 50 knots. The Danish city of Aarhus will host the fourth event in the global championship’s second season. The grand prix event will mark the league’s first visit to Scandinavia plus the first opportunity for helmsman Nicolai Sehested and the Denmark SailGP Team presented by ROCKWOOL to race on home waters following the inauguration of the team in late 2019. The event HQ will be in Aarhus Ø, the city’s new vibrant waterfront district, with racing on the surrounding bay.

The SailGP Adrenaline Yachts program powered by BWA Yachting offers yacht owners or charter guests an unprecedented experience, both on and off the water.

To secure an exclusive on-water position and watch the races from your yacht, please contact us here.

Sail GP calendar, colourcoded.

*Schedule subject to change/Challenger Selection Series race format and exact dates yet to be published.

A full map of the 37th America's Cup - Event Layout.